Public Lecture: "It's A Mess Out There"

C. Kenneth Waters

Department of Philosophy, Univerisity of Calgary

Tuesday, January 23, 2018, 7:30pm

The Scandanavian Centre, 739-20th Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2M1E2, Canada

Public Lecture: Chance, Evolution, and the Burgess Shale

Alan C. Love
Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science, and Department of Philosophy, University of Minnesota

Thursday June 22, 2017, 7 pm

Whyte Museum of the Candian Rockies, 111 Bear St, Banff.

Summer Institutes Reunion at ISPSSB in São Paulo

Project members and former Summer Institute participants attending ISHPSSB met for a reunion dinner in São Paolo!

Marie I. Kaiser to give contributed paper at EPSA 2017

Marie's contributed paper “ENCODE and the Parthood Question” has been also accepted to EPSA17.

This paper is related to a paper on which Marie received valuable feed-back during her visit to Calgary in September 2016.

Cologne Workshop "Can Biological Practice Inform Metaphysics?"

Janella Baxter and Marie I. Kaiser hosted the two-day workshop "Can Biological Practice Inform Metaphysics?" in Cologne.

Invited speakers were Eva Boon, Adrian Currie, John Dupré, Laura Franklin-Hall, Joyce C. Havstad, Andreas Hüttemann, Catherine Kending, Thomas Reydon, and Derek Skillings.

Our thanks goes to all speakers for their great talks and discussions and to the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), FOR 1063) for having funded this workshop.

Basel Institute Participant, Max Huber, defends PhD thesis "Biological Modalities"

Max "Modal Max" Huber recently defended his Ph.D. thesis “Biological Modalities” with distinction. His thesis committee included Philippe Huneman, Thomas Müller, Sonja Smets and Chris Wüthrich. Max was a great participant and essential local guide for us at the 2016 Basel Institute. Congratulations to Max on behalf of the Core Team!

Marcel Weber to give contributed paper at EPSA 2017

Marcel's contributed paper “Causal Specificity, Biological Possibility, and Non-parity about Genetic Causes” has been also accepted to EPSA17.

This paper is related to a paper on which Marcel received valuable feed-back in Basel.

Ken Waters and Basel Institute Participants to present at EPSA 2017

EPSA has accepted Steve Elliot and Flavia Frabris’ proposal for a symposium titled, "New Directions for Studying Success and Failure in Science", at EPSA17. Flavia and Steve developed the proposal for the symposium during the 2016 Basel Summer Institute. The 2016 Summer Institute focussed on how to understand success in science, different interpretations and explanations of the success of science, and the metaphysical implications of successful scientific practice. 

Speakers will be Steve, Flavia, and Malinda Fagan. Ken Waters will give a commentary. 

Oliver Lean gives department talk at Calgary

Postdoctoral researcher, Oliver Lean, gave a department talk at the University of Calgary speaker series on March 24, 2017. His talk was titled, "Causation, Information, and Agency".

2017 Calgary Summer Institute

Details and the application form for attending the 2017 Summer Institute in Calgary are now available.